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Renee Prince, LCSW

Social Work Consultant

Renee joined Turnaround for Children in 2012 as a Social Work Consultant. In this multi-faceted role, she provides school-based training, coaching and clinical consultation to student support staff and teachers. She also supports the partnerships between Turnaround schools and mental health partners and monitors the quality of services for all families referred. Lastly, Renee supports the work of the instructional coaches and program directors as it relates to teacher practice and schoolwide behavior plans and initiatives.

Prior to joining Turnaround, Renee worked as a trauma trained therapist with children ages 3-18 and their families and as a preventive social worker to assist families at risk of having their children removed from their homes. Previously, she was a counselor for the Summer Youth Employment Program, where she provided employment skills training. During her college years, she worked as an assistant to a social-psychologist conducting research on social bias.

Renee holds an M.S.W. from New York University and a B.A.S.W. from Rutgers University. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a member of the New York State School Social Worker Association.

What motivates you?

My faith motivates me, and the belief that where you start – no matter how humble that beginning is – doesn’t determine where you finish. I am an example of that.

What is the greatest invention of all time?

Planes, trains and automobiles! I love to travel and those inventions allow me to do so.

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