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Our Work in Schools

We work directly with schools to establish environments, based on a Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS), that accelerate healthy student development and academic achievement. We translate the science that explains the impact of stress on learning and behavior for teachers and administrators into tools and strategies that cultivate a safe environment, reduce stress and increase engagement in learning.

“One of Turnaround’s central philosophies is the idea that whatever the struggles are, whatever the obstacles are, there’s a system that you can put in place. There are moves that you can make that are going to make things better.”

– Scott Cartland, Principal, Wheatley Education Campus, Washington, D.C.

Student Support

We help partner schools build a MTSS that implements schoolwide policies and procedures to support all students. This includes classroom and small group interventions for at-risk students and individualized, timely services for the highest-needs students. We connect schools with a community-based mental health partner and set up a Student Support Team – frequently made up of teachers, administrators and social workers – which organizes individualized plans for students and tracks their behavioral, emotional and academic progress.

Teacher Training

We provide professional development and coaching for teachers and school staff in instructional strategies that ensure safe, engaging, productive classrooms and drive critical areas of student development, such as self-regulation, that are most impacted by adversity. In our schools, teachers who may have received inconsistent professional development prior to partnering with Turnaround, now receive it on a weekly basis.

Leadership Engagement

We partner with school leaders to support the development and enhancement of a schoolwide vision and to foster a culture of strong attachment and high expectations for student growth and achievement.