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News and Opinion Jan 15, 2015

Turnaround Cited as Solution for Combating Trauma of Poverty

Education Post

Ending a False Education Debate on Education Post recognizes how children’s brains are impacted by trauma and the adverse effects of growing up in poverty. The blog post also identifies how much power school and teachers can have in helping to drastically improve academic and life opportunities for these students, highlighting a number of supportive organizations, including Turnaround for Children. Here is an excerpt:

“Research from the National Urban League suggests between one-quarter to one-half of poor urban students experience some degree of post-traumatic stress disorder—a higher rate than soldiers returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Symptoms in children “typically include: fear, agitation, exaggerated startle response, helplessness, disorganized behavior, insomnia, lack of concentration, detachment, unexplained anger, nightmares and avoidance of emotional intimacy.”

We encourage you to read the full blog on Education Post, or on Elliot Haspel’s own blog, 50Can.