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News and Opinion Jul 26, 2018

The Power of Positive Relationships: A Primer for Teachers and Mentors

Turnaround’s Founder and Senior Science Advisor, Dr. Pamela Cantor, was invited to be a guest blogger for Summit Public Schools’ Summit Learning Blog.

In her post, “The Power of Positive Relationships: A Primer for Teachers and Mentors,” Dr. Cantor discusses how and why positive relationships are essential for students to thrive.

Here’s an excerpt: “Positive relationships produce a biological response, the release of the hormone oxytocin. Known as the love hormone, oxytocin opposes the effects of the stress hormone, cortisol, and opens the brain to new experiences and to learning. So, when you develop a positive relationship with a student, you are helping to develop a learner.”

Dr. Cantor also provides practical tips for teachers to build strong relationships with their students, including the 2 X 10 strategy which encourages teachers to set aside two minutes a day for 10 consecutive school days for one-on-one time with a child.

You can read Dr. Cantor’s full blog here.