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News and Opinion Apr 2, 2014

Chicago Ideas Week Blog: Partners in School Transformation

Chicago Ideas Week

Turnaround Chief Program Officer, Melanie Mullan, and Principal Lorraine Chanon from, Fannie Lou Hamer Middle School in the South Bronx, collaborated to write a blog entry for Chicago Ideas Week. The post paints a vivid picture of Turnaround’s partnership with the school and its transformative power. Here’s an excerpt:

“Before Turnaround, you could walk into the classrooms of Fannie Lou Hamer and see good teaching, but maybe not a caring class. Since our partnership, our classrooms are more student-centered. Teachers feel prepared with a rich toolbox of strategies to connect with students, from leveraging cooperative learning to engage thinking, to developing meaningful learning targets with students to addressing expectations on a Common Core concept. Through our partnership, we have been able to raise the bar in all areas of teaching and learning.”

We encourage you to read this post in its entirety here.