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News and Opinion Dec 18, 2012

Huffington Post Blog: The Other Side of the School Equation

Huffington PostTurnaround Program Director, Paula White, contributes to The Huffington Post, reminding us after the Sandy Hook tragedy, why engaging the “quiet student” is so important.

Here is an excerpt:

“And so, when a student comes to school, dutifully sits in his seat, follows directions, does well in class and bothers no one at all, teachers are grateful to be in their presence, so grateful in fact that they may not ever engage with them at all, choosing to leave well enough alone. In an educational landscape driven by the need for students to achieve, it is not hard to imagine how a compliant, academically achieving student might be forgotten, even if their demeanor hints at an element of disconnectedness or normalcy gone awry.

Perhaps this might explain why so many troubled youngsters who go on to commit serious crimes often escaped the radar of nearly everyone in their schools. Teachers and principals are trained to quell disorder and chaos, not to help children to connect with adults or with each other. Of course, various programs have come into schools designed to build character, but typically programs are not designed to build connection, but to promote obedience.”

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