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News and Opinion Mar 10, 2014

Yes! Magazine Addresses Social and Emotional Needs and Building Fortified Environments

Yes! Magainze

Lennon Flowers’ story in Yes! Magazine addresses the growing study of social and emotional learning. The piece highlights Turnaround’s work to transform schools into fortified environments by connecting students in need with counseling and support and equipping teachers with tools to foster positive student-teacher relationships. Here is an excerpt:

“As a result of the partnership with Turnaround, “I have a better pulse on where students are,” says Fresh Creek’s principal, Jacqueline Danvers-Coombs. “We have far fewer incidents in which students come to the principal’s office simply because teachers don’t know what to do. There are systems that have been put in place that are just part of how we are doing things now.”

Turnaround is part of an effort to wholly reengineer schools to respond directly to the unique psychological and emotional needs of young people growing up in poverty. It holds vast implications for how we train teachers, for how we approach school culture, and for the very way in which we design a school.”

We encourage you to read Lennon’s full piece here.